About: Introduction

New art and new artists are usually rather lost than found. This is increasingly coming true with the world wide web: Whatever artistic voices there are, they may soon get muffled by the cacophony of entertainment, commerce and presentation.

Web rings once used to be a good way of linking together sites of a similar theme - yet with both the inflation of their number, as well as with the often uncritical and mechanic practice of maintenance, their purpose now seems rather lost and strayed.

THE ARTS CIRCLE is a web ring of a different kind. Its aim is to create a forum for new artistic voices representating themselves on the web, linking big sites and small sites together in an approach of combining their voices, giving them a chance to get heard.

THE ARTS CIRCLE is also a web magazine, featuring articles and reviews by its participants, thus making it an art site in itself.

THE ARTS CIRCLE is a non-commercial, non-profit organization. Its aim is to grow - yet not through anonymity. Its editors determine which site to add, and which not - in order to maintain a consistent quality.

The participating sites have to exhibit a definite and serious artistic agenda. We are looking for substance rather than cheap effects. Web design is a criterium as well, yet not exclusively: While contents and form are always stronger in harmony, the artistic content will be considered more important.

Members are required to add the logo of the circle to the bottom of their site - be it just on the start page, or on every single page. There are two logos available, one for a white, one for a black background.

Should you be interested in joining, please contact us at theartscircle@philjohn.com.