Seminar: "Film & Television Analysis"
Potsdam University, American Studies Program, Summer 2010


Lab Seminar: "Film & Television Analysis"
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, American Studies Program, Summer 2009

Technical Matters:

The below selection should provide a PC user with all the freeware tools necessary to deal with audiovisual materials.

YouTube / Flash Video Files:

Standard Video and Audio Codecs:

Alternative Media Players:

Free Video Cutting Software (You may need several programs):

You need a fast machine (preferrably at least a dual core computer) to conveniently be using these programs --- it will still take a lot of time.

Correctly encoded avi files can be embedded into PowerPoint presentations. The location of the source files is not irrelevant, so if you put your presentation onto a USB stick, it will only work with the videos if all folders have been maintained. You should test it beforehand; and ideally, bring your own laptop.