Seminar: PS 361:
Classical Political Thought
Oregon State University, Political Science

The search for the ideal state has occupied political philosophy since antiquity. From Plato's Atlantis story through More's utopia and beyond, philosophers, writers and filmmakers have pondered how to create a perfect state with perfect citizens which will stand the test of time. Each week will combine theoretical reflections from antiquity through post-modernity with a selection of examples from more or less contemporary fiction that will ideally already be known to the audience.

This course fulfills the Baccalaureate Core requirement for the Social Processes and Institutions category. It does this by examining theories and fictions of ideal governments throughout history, and inviting students to critically reflect upon how these discussions continue to shape contemporary politics and culture.

This course combines approximately 120 hours of instruction, online activities, and assignments for 4 credits. This course has no prerequisites.

Seminar Information:

Seminar Teaching History:

  • OSU, Winter 2020 (on-campus)
  • OSU, Winter 2020 (e-campus)
  • OSU, Spring 2019 (e-campus)
  • OSU, Spring 2018 (e-campus)
  • OSU, Spring 2017 (e-campus)
  • OSU, Spring 2016 (e-campus)

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