About the Book

This book analyzes the mythological content of five television franchises within the genre of science fiction, fantasy and horror: The X-Files & Millennium, Babylon 5 & Crusade, Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel, Stargate and Star Trek. The central themes are Errand into the Wilderness, emancipation from larger powers, individual responsibility, prophecy, apocalyptic scenarios, fundamentalism, artificial intelligence, as well as hybridity, gender roles, psychotic narration, and others.

The theoretical basis for this work are both a conventional cultural studies perspective and memetics. Memes have been suggested as units of replication for culture. Ideas evolve and are transmitted by processes of imitation. This creates a componential and evolutionary view of culture and literature.

The memetic perspective is utilized as an approach to studying genre. This is brought together with the findings of the five case studies.

The book has been published with Peter Lang, 2010.

About the Web Site

This web site accompanies the book by allowing for easier access to online resources listed in the bibliography. It will also contain any additions that may seem necessary in the future.