Seminar: ALS 199:
Cultural Competence in a Globalized World
Oregon State University, U-Engage

with Amarah Khan

This course provides a basic introduction to existing knowledge regarding cultural competence. The course raises the question: is cultural competence attainable or is it a myth? Through cross-cultural engagement and in-person interaction with locally based identity groups; students will be equipped with the skill set to engage in lifelong learning around cultural awareness. As a class, we will build awareness around the nature of globalization occurring around us. The focus is on applying cultural competence as a pathway towards global citizenship so that you can be better prepared for the intellectual and societal challenges facing an increasingly diverse campus/world. The class will help you develop cross-cultural awareness, knowledge, and skills to respond appropriately to the problems and opportunities of both domestic and international demographic changes and globalization.

Seminar Information:

Seminar Teaching History:

  • OSU, Fall 2018
  • OSU, Fall 2017 (with Dr. Amarah Khan)
  • OSU, Fall 2016 (with Dr. Amarah Khan)

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