Seminar: PS 201:
Introduction to US Government and Politics
Oregon State University, Political Science

This course serves as an introduction to the basic institutions, actors and processes of the U.S. political system. Particular attention is paid to the historical development of U.S. politics, but a focus on contemporary issues and problems is also central. Students taking this course should emerge with a clear understanding of the basic features of the U.S. political system, a sense of how that system has changed since its inception, and have developed a critical lens through which the problems and issues central to U.S. politics today can be viewed. As such, students completing this course should be well prepared for further study of U.S. politics, but also be more knowledgeable in order to get involved on their own as political actors.

Seminar Information:

Seminar Teaching History:

  • OSU, Summer 2023 (e-campus)
  • OSU, Spring 2018 (e-campus)

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