Seminar: PS 363:
Gender and Race in American Political Thought
Oregon State University, Political Science

This course analyses various forms of the social construction of gender, race, age and class in American political thought.

First, we will discuss some background theories of social construction, race, gender, class and age, then provide a historical overview, and consider current manifestations of such constructions in contemporary discourse. Students are provided with a selection of theoretical texts and other materials, but are required to find some source materials of their own in order to finish the class with a brief research paper of their own.

This course fulfills the Baccalaureate Core requirement for the Difference, Power and Discrimination category by discussing and analyzing theories and representations of race, gender and class. This course combines approximately 90 hours of instruction, online activities, and assignments for 4 credits. This course has no prerequisites.

Seminar Information:

Seminar Teaching History:

  • OSU, Fall 2022 (e-campus)
  • OSU, Fall 2021 (e-campus)
  • OSU, Spring 2021 (e-campus)
  • OSU, Fall 2020 (e-campus)
  • OSU, Spring 2020 (e-campus)
  • OSU, Fall 2019 (e-campus)
  • OSU, Spring 2019 (e-campus)
  • OSU, Fall 2018 (e-campus)
  • OSU, Spring 2018 (e-campus)
  • OSU, Fall 2017 (e-campus)
  • OSU, Spring 2017 (e-campus)
  • OSU, Fall 2016 (e-campus)
  • OSU, Fall 2015 (e-campus)
  • OSU, Spring 2015 (e-campus)
  • OSU, Fall 2014 (e-campus)

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