Exploring Cultures, Expanding Perspectives: A Virtual Voyage into each others' Worlds
University of Tübingen, International Programs

with Allison Davis-White Eyes

What makes your culture unique or different? What principles does your culture share with other cultures? How do we reconcile when our perspectives clash with others? Investigate the views, perceptions, and characteristics of your culture and explore those of your classmates. This course is a collaborative online international learning model, that is project-based and student-driven.

Readings from cultural theory will help prepare the foundation for an informed discussion and analysis of cultural patterns in the world, and political trends related to culture.

Students are expected to select from topics such as: National or regional stereotypes; Taboos; Social and group identities; Gender Identity and Sexuality; Religion; Educational and Academic Systems; Underrepresented Groups; Popular and Traditional Culture: Music, Literature, Sports, Media; Historical Perspectives on historical events; Globalization and international politics; or any other approved topic. Students are expected to share and listen graciously.

Seminar Information:

Seminar Teaching History:

  • University of Tübingen, International Programs, Fall 2021 (Remote)

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