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01/22/2009Members: Soma: new material (drawings & photography)
01/19/2009Members: Tanja Boehm
01/19/2009Members: philjohn.com: new material (poetry & photography)


11/28/2005Members: Anne Krüger: update
06/24/2005Members: Phil John Kneis: new material (poetry, photography)


05/18/2004Members: Manuel Dominguez jr: new material (photography)


02/03/2003Members: pracki.de (Piotr Pracki)
01/27/2003Articles: Art as Commentary (Phil John Kneis)
01/07/2003Articles: Seriality and Hypertext (Phil John Kneis)
01/07/2003Members: philjohn.com: new material (photography)


08/03/2002Articles: Consuming and Reflecting in the Wired Age. Dealing with Art (Phil John Kneis)
02/12/2002Members: neomaxizoomdweeby (Manuel Dominguez, jr.)


12/31/2001Articles: Katharsis. Remarks on the Function of Art. (Phil John Kneis)
11/01/2001Members: philjohn.com: new material (poetry & photography)
05/25/2001Articles: Commodity or Art? On My Photographs and Poems (Phil John Kneis)
03/30/2001Members: the poetry corner (Liz Anderson)
03/25/2001Articles: Art and Violence. On Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP. (Phil John Kneis)
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