Transatlantic Symposia PS  415/515 Politics and the Media: Cultural Representations of Politics (ecampus) PS 341 - Politics of Western Europe and the EU: History and Politics of European Integration (ecampus) PS 363 - Gender and Race in American Political Thought (e-campus) PS 499/599 - Indigenous Policy PS 361 Classical Political Thought (e-campus) MPP 507 - Professional Development Seminar RP 599 - International Comparative Rural Policy Colloquium: Theories of Society and Culture PS 399 - The U.S. Seen From Abroad PS 365 - American Political Thought SOC 499/599 - Comparative Education Policy Representations of Old Age in Native American Literature and Culture Introduction to American Culture Literature of the American Renaissance Film and TV Analysis Conceptualizing Europe: European Integration in a Cultural Context American Indians: An Introduction The Transatlantic Relationship in Practice Tutorial: Introduction to Literary Studies Tutorial: Introduction to Cultural Studies Tutorial: Introduction to American History


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